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Commercial Solar Financial Benefits

Reduce power bills

Commercial solar power will reduce power bills by a substantial amount. With the cost of traditional power continually rising, businesses now have the opportunity to look at ways they can reduce their fixed costs through alternative energy sources. Solar power allows you to capitalize on a free power source, the sun. Power is now a fixed operating cost you can control and manage. Solar is an asset that can generate revenue, take the power back and start saving.  

 Reduce operating costs

Commercial solar power allows you to reduce your daily operating costs by reducing your power bills. Which enables you the ability to put more capital to work and have less allocated as a sunk cost.   

Increase the building valuation

If you own commercial buildings or your company operates from a building you own, investing in commercial solar power will increase the value of the property. Furthermore, solar power is an additional selling attribute if you decide to divest your commercial building assets.


Green Business is Profitable Business

 Demonstrate corporate social responsibility 

Adopting commercial solar power provides your business with green credentials, which will contribute to your unique value proposition. Greener business is cleaner business, solar will become part of your triple bottom line. Commitment to solar is a commitment to sustainability, which demonstrates your self-regulating corporate social responsibility is meeting the demands of today's consumer driven society. Lead your stakeholders to an environmentally conscious power solution.    

Reduce your carbon footprint

Society at large is effected by the globalised consumer driven world we have created. Externalities affect us all, together, we can lead the next generation toward a world that is collectively conscious of our output by building businesses that are cleaner and greener. Respect yourself, respect your stakeholders and respect mother nature. 


Satisfaction Guaranteed

 Our experienced specialist team ensure each system is thoughtfully tailored to your specific needs. We are qualified and trained to ensure your system meets industry best practice standards and all relevant Australian Standards. 

 Thought and care is put into every installation to ensure its aesthetically pleasing and efficiently designed for maximum output. We only use industry leading quality products that have been tried and tested in the harsh Australian environment.


- Installation in backed by 10 year workmanship warranty.

- Quality Inverters backed by 10 year manufactures warranty.

- PV Modules backed by industry leading 12/25 year warranty.

**Terms of warranty subject to system design & components**



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